Staedtler Leadholder – Mars Techno 780


Lead holder pencils reduce sharpening waste and lead breakage, and have a much greater lifespan than a wooden pencil.

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Staedtler Leadholder – Mars Techno 780

Quality clutch pencil designed for sketching and drafting for designers and artists, the Staedtler Mars Technico Leadholder pencil features a sturdy, 13cm long, 2mm wide lead for use on paper and card. They reduce sharpening waste, lead breakage and have a much greater lifespan than a wooden pencil.

The 2mm HB lead can be used to shade large areas and, when sharpened to a point, to add ultra-fine detail. A push button allows the lead to be extended and replaced when needed, and a unique sharpener within the end of the push button allows you to easily sharpen the lead to a precise point.

This Staedtler leadholder pencil also features an ergonomic grip area for constant comfort and handy metal clip. Spare leads are also available in a range of leads.

Staedtler Leadholder 780 key features;

  • Leadholder for drawing, sketching and writing
  • For 2 mm leads e.g. Mars carbon 200
  • With metal clip, push-button and grip zone
  • Integrated lead sharpener in push-button
  • HB lead

Additional information

Weight60 g
Dimensions220 × 20 × 20 mm