Paperclips – Fruit Shapes in Tin

Add some fruitiness to your paperwork & organise your files with this fun tin of fruit shaped paper clips; apples, bananas & strawberries! They’re just yummy!


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Paperclips – Fruit Shapes in Tin – Apples, Bananas & Strawberries

Get organised and add some fun to your paper-clipping with this fun mini tin of fruit shaped paper clips! These themed paper clips will help you organise your paperwork. Also makes the perfect little gift for anyone who likes to be organised. Who said paper clips are boring?!

Key features:

  • Box dimension: 5x5x2cm
  • High quality paper clips: thickness: 1.2mm
  • Mini-clips quantity: 14
  • 6 x apple, 4 x banana, 4 x strawberry shaped paperclips
  • Helps you to organise your paperwork and to keep track of important information
  • Ideal for journalling, study and research

Additional information

Weight46 g
Dimensions162 × 114 × 25 mm