Dog Ear Pop-up Bookmarks

Use your doggie book mark to guard your page; his cocked ear shows he’s alert and keeping your place.




Dog Ear Pop-up Bookmarks

These fun dog ear pop-up bookmarks sit the dog on the corner of the page in your book or journal to keep guard, and pull his tab to make his ear prick for when you return.

Key features;

  • Pull to pop up the dog’s ear and the eyes close as well
  • Strong laminated card construction
  • Fits over the corner of your page
  • 6 canine varieties; labrador, pug, golden retriever, dachshund, terrier, bulldog

Additional information

Weight30 g
Dimensions229 × 114 × 5 mm
Dog design

Diana Labrador, Doug Pug, Fetch Golden Retriever, Frank Dachshund, Nipper Terrier, Stanley Bulldog