About Us

Stationery Studio is part of Melbourne Print, a print studio based in Melbourne South Derbyshire.

Whilst we love all things print (check out our print services here) we also love stationery. Our retail store in Melbourne is packed with stationery goodies. In fact, we really could do with a bigger shop!

We only sell stationery that we think is great; stationery that is useful, sometimes quirky, sometimes humorous and stationery that makes ideal gifts for like-minded stationery lovers.

Like what you see?

We hope you like what we sell here on the Stationery Studio. We’ve added lots of our retail stationery products and are always looking for more.

If you need any advice or have a product query when shopping with us online, please feel free to drop us an email: hello@stationerystudio.co.uk

Our friendly team will be happy to help. We think that’s important when shopping online.

Talking of which…

Meet the team


Stationery Studio Manager

Craftaholic – responsible for some very dodgy home creations. Ensures the Stationery Studio runs smoothly and customers are happy.

Favourite stationery item:
Impossible to choose – changes her mind constantly!


Chief Order Packer

Charli ensures all orders are despatched quickly and efficiently.

Favourite stationery item:


Company Owner

Massive “The Office” USA fan… just call him Michael Scott.

Favourite stationery item:
Paul likes numbers; if spreadsheets were classed as stationery, they’d definitely be his favourite.


Graphic Designer

Creative designer for your Melbourne Print orders, Amanda also ensures the Stationery Studio website is looking it’s best at all times.

Favourite stationery item: 
Anything pug themed!